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Thankfully, there are finally some new items to report after a really quiet period. The past couple of months has seen things underway behind the scenes, just not a lot at the stage of being news.


82 - DHC-6-200HG™ C-GCWV Gravitas Aviation Ltd., West Vancouver, BC

Updating previous entry; flew Calgary-Int’l, AB - Minot, ND - Sioux Falls, SD - Huntingdon, TN - Palatka, FL - Nassau 26/28-Apr-2019 on delivery to Titan Air. This morning it did a Nassau - Andros Town round trip.


221 - DHC-6-200 N223AL Win Win Aviation Inc., Wake Forest, NC

Flew Dekalb, IL - Pontiac, MI - Waterloo, ON - Montréal-Trudeau 26-Apr-2019 positioning to its summer contract with Skydive Montréal.


355 - DHC-6-300 C-FCSW Rocky Mountain Aircraft, Calgary, AB [Ashe Aircraft Enterprises]

Test flown from Springbank, AB 25-Apr-2019 & then ferried to Chilliwack, BC same day to be painted by Upper Valley Aviation. The aircraft is seen below at Chilliwack after arrival.

Chilliwack, BC 25-Apr-2019

Chilliwack, BC 25-Apr-2019


660 - DHC-6-300 DQ-FIE Fiji Link, Nadi

Flew Nadi - Majuro 20/21-Apr-2019, and Majuro - Honolulu-Inouye, HI 28/29-Apr-2019. The aircraft is expected to continue to Klamath Falls, OR with a final destination of Victoria, BC. DQ-FIE has been operating in Fiji since Nov-1994.



The Genaire manufactured skis are self-trimming in flight, using a rigging system of cables, links and shock units. In addition, the main skis employ an attitude compensating mechanism. When properly installed, these systems maintain the skis in a level attitude in the “ski-landing” position and raised clear of the wheels the “wheel landing” position.

Along with Manufacturing Wheel Skis, Genaire also provides repair and overhaul services and maintains a full inventory of spare parts and assemblies which are available to all our customers. Trained technicians and Engineering staff are on hand to support customers with any technical issues they experience.

The ski set consists of the following:

  • P/N 258-24003-1 Nose Ski

  • P/N 258-24002-11 LH Main Ski

  • P/N 258-24002-12 RH Main Ski

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